How to check the safety and appearance of the slide playground?

At present, there are children’s combined slide playground amusement equipment in parks and some communities. Most of the slides are used by children. Therefore, parents should check the safety and appearance of the slides before playing. But how to check it? You can follow the tips below.

1. Before using children’s slides, parents should check the sharp equipment of the slides to see if the protruding parts have been smoothed, especially the stainless steel slides.

2. Whether there is a buffer layer in the lower part of the children’s slide is very important. Children without a buffer layer will fly to the ground when they use the slide.

3. Whether the children’s combined slide uses the high-performance and good-quality materials specified by the national standard. Some slide manufacturers use scraps and the materials are extremely rubbish. It is not recommended for children to use them.

4. For the safety of children, slides over two meters must use protective fences to prevent children from falling into the air.

5. Check whether the sliding ground uses EPDM ground, which is what we call plastic runway, which can greatly reduce the risk of children falling. What are the matters needing attention when using outdoor children’s combined slides


The following is the wrong way to play, please pay attention to parents:

1. The child slides upside down. This approach is quite dangerous because it is easy for the brain to knock to the ground. In the case of a concussion, it will endanger the safety of the child. This is one of the strictly prohibited ways to play.

2. Climbing up from the bottom of the slide in retrograde. We have seen such a situation. Many children like to climb from the bottom of the slide to the top. This will collide with the child above and cause a fall. Both sides will cause a collision, which is a very dangerous behavior, and adults need to be supervised.

3. Kneeling and sliding down on both knees. This way of using it is also very dangerous. When both knees slide down, the slide will cause serious friction. When the knees cannot bear it, it is easy to fall in the middle of sliding, and you will fall directly. On the ground, this kind of gameplay is very dangerous, and it has been strictly forbidden to use this method to play slides.

For more slide-related questions, please pay attention to us.

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