How to play toys with children?

       Play is one of the important indicators for judging a child’s development. Whether the baby is throwing blocks or holding a pile of blocks, but the development of the brain is different.

Whether a child plays independently or cooperates with other friends, his brain development is also different.

Many parents send their children to early education classes to support their children’s play, but in fact, play in daily life is more important to children and the price is higher.

Today I will share with you how to play toys with children at home~

Follow the rhythm of the child

Sometimes when we play with our children, we feel so helpless. We want him to put up the blocks, but he knocks them down with one hand. We always feel that the children do not play cards according to the routine.

We adults always think that this toy should be used like this, I will teach you, but for children, how to play with a toy is determined by the child’s current interest points.

For example, if you give your child a pile of wood, the best way to play is to lick, play, touch, etc. in the hands of the child in the sensitive oral cavity.

For children who are very fond of pushing blocks, they are exploring causality. Pushing blocks continuously is the best way to play with blocks.

Another example is drawing. For a 1-year-old child, he only needs to hold a pen and poke a little, feel the pen and feel the color, which is his current interest point. What kind of drawing is not what he should do at this stage. Learned.

Therefore, it is most important that we follow the rhythm of the child. The growth of the child is slow, so don’t worry.

How to choose children’s toys

For children’s toy choices, I recommend the following 5 categories:

1. Open category

Open toys are really good. If you buy a remote-controlled car for your child, no matter how he plays with it, it’s just a car. It’s not uncommon to play with it.

But if you give your child a cardboard box, he can turn it into a table in a while, and a car in a while, open the two sides, and it will be a fun tunnel.

Building blocks can be used by children to build castles, trains, airplanes, etc., and can also be used to simply stack high.

The straw can be cut short, and then let the child wear and play with it, and can also be used for color matching and relatively long and short.

Therefore, in this way, the toys and props at home can be played all the time, and the same toy at different ages, children will find different ways to play for them.

This is the advantage of open sex toys, which are very cost-effective. Although it looks very simple, it can cultivate children’s concentration very well, and it has much less interference than sound and light toys.


2. Role-playing

For example, sales clerk, chef, playhouse, etc., these kinds of role-playing games can also be played with babies.

Playing these games is conducive to the development of children’s imagination, social skills, and language skills, allowing them to understand the role of various occupations, and fostering children’s emotional intelligence.

3. Skills

Parents should also pay attention to their children’s skills training, such as the development of abilities such as large movements, fine movements, and hand-eye coordination.

Big exercises include raising your head, turning over, sitting, climbing, running, jumping, etc. Fine movements refer to some movements of the child’s hands.

Of course, you don’t have to spend money to buy this kind of toy. The daily necessities at home can support the training of this sport, such as small beans, express bubble film, small plush balls, etc. Sometimes you will find that the more you don’t How to spend money, on the contrary, the more children especially like to play.

For example, a mineral water bottle can exercise arm strength and grip, and can also hold small hairballs and beans, exercise hand-eye coordination, and can also be made into a sensory bottle, allowing babies to explore many skills.

4. Creation

Also pay attention to preparing some creative toys, such as painting, sand, rice noodles, Lego, plasticine, etc., just to give play to the children’s imagination.

5. Learning

Learning aids are games that allow children to directly acquire knowledge, such as reading picture books, learning colors, recognizing sizes, and recognizing cards.

Parents can choose toys around the above five categories, and provide children with a play environment so that children can develop very well.

These are all early childhood education in life, and it is not necessarily called early childhood education just after going to the early education class. Hurry up and play with your baby!

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