Market supervision department promotes quality improvement of baby products

       On the eve of Children’s Day, the State Administration for Market Regulation issued a series of national standards associated with baby products, including diapers, baby waist stools, and plasticized materials in toys. Since the start of this year, the national market supervision department has investigated and addressed 239 cases of children’s toy quality, involving a complete of 418,700 yuan and a fine of 508,200 yuan. The relevant person responsible of the overall Administration of Market Supervision said that by purifying the market environment of baby and child products, children can use it with peace of mind and celebrateand fogeys can purchase confidently.

Ball pitIn order to make sure the standard and safety of baby products, the market supervision department adheres to problem orientation, focuses on weak links, and promotes the development of the standard of baby products.

Speed up the event of relevant standards. insight of the health and safety hazards caused by the utilization of plasticized materials in children’s toys that oldsters are concerned about, the new national standard “Guidelines for the Determination of Plasticized Materials in Toys and Products which will Be Put within the Mouth” has clarified the relevant tangible toys within the standard. Plasticizing materials in materials and components, like plasticizer limit requirements, will help toy manufacturers make safe toys that are more suitable for youngsters and improve product quality. The relevant person responsible of the overall Administration of Market Supervision introduced, “This year we launched a special work on the national standard for infant and child products for ‘flooring care’, and focused on speeding up the formulation and revision of relevant standards for infant and child products.”

Clean up false and illegal advertisements. Regarding the phenomenon of false and illegal advertisements within the education and training industry, since April this year, the State Administration of Market Supervision has organized the nationwide “care for the healthy growth of young people”-the cleanup and rectification of education and training advertisements, and increased the pre-screening of education and training advertisements and education and training programs. The intensity of advertising supervision. And cooperate with the Department of Education to research key cases, severely investigate and punish education and training advertisements that use research project units, academic institutions, educational institutions, etc. as recommendations and certifications, and specialize in cracking down on false and illegal advertisements that fake to be experts and professors and mislead students.

Strengthen the governance of online sales channels. Many consumers currently purchase baby and child products through e-commerce platforms. the overall Administration of Market Supervision has strengthened the standard supervision of children’s products sold online, administered national supervision and spot checks on children and infant clothing, plastic toys, children’s furniture and other products that buyers are more concerned about, and strictly investigated and addressed illegal acts of producing and selling counterfeit and shoddy children’s products in accordance with the law. Last year, a complete of 1444 batches of products produced by 8 sorts of 1324 enterprises were randomly checked, and therefore the unqualified detection rate was 8.0%, a decrease of 1.7 percentage points from 2019. the overall Administration of Market Supervision requires that the most responsibility for the standard of platform operators be consolidated, the standard management of the operators on the platform should be strengthened, and therefore the rights and interests of consumers should be effectively protected.

Promote the recall of defective products. consistent with the relevant person responsible of the overall Administration of Market Supervision, the security of children’s products has always been the main target of recall management. Since the establishment of the overall Administration of Market Supervision, my country has implemented 618 recalls of children’s products, involving 5.781 million pieces. The products involved mainly include children’s toys, children’s furniture, children’s clothing, children’s stationery, etc. the most defects include small parts and cords. Chemical hazards like suffocation hazards, excessive plasticizers, and other hazards like a mechanical injury.

In recent years, the overall Administration of Market Supervision has attached great importance to the supervision of the baby and child products market, continuously administered special enforcement actions against unfair competition in key areas, severely cracked down on counterfeiting and confusion, and other illegal activities that infringed on the legitimate rights and interests of special groups like children, and safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of special groups like children. Maintain a good competitive market environment. within the three-year special operations in 2018, 2019, and 2020, a complete of 32,500 various sorts of unfair competition cases were investigated and handled, with a fine of 1.39 billion yuan. within the next step, it’ll be deployed to strengthen the supervision of unfair competition like the assembly and sale of counterfeit and confused goods and false propaganda in key areas around campuses.

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