use the fence to build a safe space for the baby!

Home is the safest place for us, where we can release our nature to our heart’s content; but for babies who have just learned to crawl and walk, it is the most dangerous place.

Because there are all kinds of furniture, electrical appliances, and other things in the house when the baby is learning to walk or crawl at home, he will accidentally bump into them and hurt himself; Being bound by these things all the time, the parents keep putting away all the things that will affect the baby, but no matter how hard they put them away, it is impossible to clean them up. After all, the home is not the baby’s world alone.

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Mothers thought of planning a small world of their own for their babies. The appearance of the fence made their idea perfectly implemented; with the help of the fence, no matter how the baby crawls and walks inside, there is no need to worry about the baby. Will bump and hurt.

The fence has no shape limitation, which is equivalent to no space limitation. As long as there is space, it can be installed and used. There is no need to worry about buying it. If it is too large, it will take up a lot of space and affect the space activities of other people in the family; It’s very simple, just connect the corresponding bayonet, and it’s the same when disassembling.

Because it is bought for the baby, parents need to pay attention to the material it is made of. The product must be free from harmful ingredients such as formaldehyde and bisphenol A, and will not cause harm to the baby’s health, and it needs to be very strong, that is, Use your hands to press and break it, and there will be no quality problems such as deformation.

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The safety lock it connects is made of imported PE material, which is not only environmentally friendly but also has no harmful ingredients to health, and its impact resistance and oxidation resistance are also very good. It is very strong for connection, even if the baby pushes it hard, there is no need to worry about it collapsing, so I am very relieved to use it for the baby.

Most of the fences can be very firm just by point-to-point installation during installation; there is no need to use screws to fix them, which greatly improves the safety of use; with it, you don’t have to worry about your baby’s hand buckling when playing It, to pull out the screws, will affect the stability of the fence at least, and the baby will swallow it as a snack by mistake, which will bring harm to the life and health of the baby.

When using this kind of fence, what everyone is most worried about is that the baby is injured when climbing the fence; the fence avoids this problem, and its height is scientifically designed. It will give the baby a feeling of being isolated and depressed, and ensure that the baby cannot climb out of the fence.

Not only is it of moderate height, but the distance between the fence and the fence is also very well designed, which is less than the diameter of the newborn baby’s head. It can effectively prevent the baby from getting stuck in the head, causing suffocation and other injuries to the baby; at the same time, it can satisfy the baby’s curiosity, so that the baby can see the things and people they want to see.

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