What kind of talent does the child have? It can be seen from the toys

In the minds of most parents, it seems that learning is the only way out. But the reality is that people who learn well are a minority after all, and most of them eventually become ordinary people.

If their children do not have any breakthroughs in learning, then parents can “do the opposite,” fully explore their children’s interests, and cultivate them in a targeted manner. There will likely be a good response in the future.

Grasping the children’s talents from an early age, so that parents can nurture their children no longer “catch the blind”

Parents have discovered their baby’s interests and hobbies since childhood, knowing what the child is good at and hobbies, and then clearly nurturing it. For the child, it is a very lucky thing.

Because only by understanding the children’s natural strengths, parents will have a more sense of direction on the way to nurture their children, and teach them by their aptitude as soon as possible, and the children will be more likely to succeed.

Yale Robert Sternberg of the United States once put forward a children’s “self-test list of talents”, by observing whether the children have corresponding behaviors, to infer the children’s interest in things.

Although such a self-test table is based to a certain extent, the child’s interest is not static. Sometimes the impact of the environment will determine the child’s interest direction, and even more often the parent imposes it on the child. interest of.

The child doesn’t like it at the bottom of his heart, but because the blindly admiring parents are forced to learn, then it may be a tragedy in the end.

In fact, in life, if you want to know where your baby is interested and potential, you can carefully observe some of the children’s performance and find the corresponding talents.

In which aspect children have greater talents, it can be seen from the toys they like every day

Toys are inexplicably attractive to children. There is one toy after another at home, but they are always clamoring to buy. But among the many toys, children will always have a “soft spot” for one of them. From the toys that children like, one can see the direction of the child’s talent.

1) Assemble toys

Assembling and assembling toys such as building blocks require a large degree of brain and hand skills. It not only requires the brain’s diligent thinking but also requires the dominating hands to cooperate to complete the relative movement.

If your child is good at playing with these kinds of toys, it means that the brain is very flexible and IQ is not low. Maybe in the future, they will learn something in science and engineering.

Drawing board with bookshelf

2) Jigsaw toys

Jigsaw puzzles are also one of the daily toys for babies. It is necessary to re-assemble the disrupted puzzles to form a completed pattern. Not only do children like it, but even adults also like to play.

But if you want to complete the jigsaw puzzle, you must not only have enough patience but also have the predetermined ability to judge. If the child prefers to play with such toys, it means that it is easy to calm down and can focus on cultivating the baby’s research on literature.

3) Sports games

Some children don’t like playing with toys but like sports, such as playing basketball, football, etc. These kinds of games can be regarded as “sports games.” If the child likes sports very much, it means that the child has a very strong motor cell, and the parent can develop the child in the direction of sports or will become a good athlete in the future.

basketball stand

What can parents do after discovering their children’s talents?

Of course, when parents find that their children are particularly interested or talented in a certain area, they can sit back and enjoy it without expressing themselves. Instead, they must use the correct way to transform these interests and talents into their children’s abilities and specialties.

For children with strong logic, you can allow them to play more classification games or maze games. Toys such as building blocks and Lego should always encourage babies to try and strengthen the establishment of logical thinking.

And like children with sports talents, parents can take their children to do more outdoor sports, so that the children can release energy in the natural space.

So: Which toys do your children usually like?

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