what is rocking horse toy?

        I don’t know why the charm of this thing is so great, now it has almost become a standard for childhood entertainment. However, many parents still feel that there are no protective measures for the facilities outside. Parents are not at ease, they can only watch it all the time, which is very inconvenient~
Since it is so inconvenient, you might as well start with a rocking horse and turn your home into a half playground to fulfill your children’s entertainment wishes. The small rocking horse does not take up space at all at home, it is convenient and easy to use~ and babies seem to like this kind of shaking by nature, maybe they are still attached to the time in the mother’s stomach.

rocking horse
All kinds of cute rocking horses are the baby’s favorite. In addition to bringing sensory happiness to the baby, there is also a mystery: it can make the rocking horse sway back and forth through the strength of the waist, abdomen, and limbs, which effectively promotes the baby’s brain The development of the balance system, exercise the baby’s balance.

However, the safety of facilities should also be considered. Take our children’s rocking horse as an example. The corners are hand-polished and smooth without cutting hands, which can effectively take care of the baby’s delicate skin. At the same time, it also uses native HDPE and natural color powder, environmentally friendly materials, does not harm the baby’s health, and is not afraid of the baby’s licking and biting.

rocking horse

Through one-piece blow molding, there is no connection gap, which avoids accidental pinching. It is safe and allows the baby to rock and play with peace of mind. At the same time, there are two colors of Fernie blue and cherry blossom pink, which can be used by male and female babies. No matter which color you choose, you can match a cute baby with a cute face~
The detailed design is also very careful. The arc-shaped high back design can provide effective support for the baby’s delicate spine, effectively help the baby to correct the sitting posture from childhood, maintain a good sense of balance, and care for the baby’s healthy and happy growth. The bottom plate is also provided with 4 stable support bumps, which effectively enhance the friction with the ground, prevent the children from shaking too much during the shaking process, and avoid safety hazards such as “falling forward and backward”. After the bottom plate is removed, this rocking horse becomes a horse with wheels, allowing the baby to ride and exercise the baby’s leg strength.

rocking horse
In addition, the bottom plate of this rocking horse can play a good role in anti-skid, protect the floor, etc., adapt to a variety of ground materials, and can be shaken at will. For baby toys, safety is of course the most important thing. This children’s rocking horse can put parents at ease. But this does not mean that you should be alone when your baby is playing.

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The blue rocking horse’s neck is also equipped with a BB ringtone, which simulates the experience of riding a horse, which can attract the baby’s attention and make the baby rock happier; the widened pedal width design leaves ample space for the baby’s little feet, Comfortable and joyful. At the same time, the arch bridge principle is used to distribute the force of the rocking horse to the bottom plate, which can bear the weight of an adult, with super strong bearing capacity, and fastness, and durability. You can also enjoy the free swing of 0-25 degrees, which is as comfortable as sitting in a rocking chair~

rocking horse
Children like this kind of swaying toy. They sit up and sway one after another as if they have become a little knight and are rushing to the distance. Whether it’s the selection of materials or the small details of the design, we have considered very well, let the babysit at the right center of gravity, and shake it comfortably and safely. It’s awesome~

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