Why books are not the best for children?

Many parents know that a child who can read can have better insights, and of course, it is helpful for his brain development. Therefore, parents and friends will take a lot of time to develop reading skills for their children.

It is true that when a child is young, cultivating his reading ability will also help develop his brain, but for a child with a weak comprehension ability, just letting him read more will not allow his brain to develop, so for the child, what kind of method is the best for children, can make them smarter?

Drawing board with bookshelf

We all know that children need to be accompanied, and some parents believe that only by allowing children to read more can they promote their brain development. Studies have shown that the way that reading only promotes brain development does not have much effect.

Because through research, the children are divided into several groups. These children will have great changes after three months. Only through comparison, it is found that children who play with toys will develop better than children who only read books.

From this point of view, what our parents think is that reading can promote brain development, but it is not the best way. In contrast, toys can promote children’s brain development better than books.

Many parents believe that there is no scientific basis for this matter. A very regular study has proved this point. Although books can make children have sensory abilities, they can only rely on pictures and words to attract children’s attention. Not very good.

In fact, in the process of children’s growth, books are inseparable. Of course, the impact of books is also great, but only relying on books to promote children’s brain development is not enough.

At this time, it is necessary to provide children with a lot of toys, especially some toys for brain development, such as Rubik’s Cube, building blocks, and so on.

Drawing board with bookshelf

This will allow children to exercise hand-brain coordination during the process of playing with toys, which will also help diverge brain thinking and help children to better stimulate the brain nerves and become smarter.

Although we know that we should not play with toys often, otherwise children who go to school will often not like to read books, but we cannot deny that children can exercise many abilities in the process of playing with toys, which is especially suitable for infants and young children.

At the age before school, you might as well buy more toys for them, which can also make their childhood more colorful and interesting. At the same time, toys make them more interested, so children like this more.

How do choose toys for children?

1. Choose by age
Children have different needs for toys at different ages, so parents and friends must distinguish between them and what kind of toys they play with at their ages. For toys that are very easy to develop brain intelligence, you can buy more. Help children learn more knowledge in the process of playing with toys.

2. Good quality toys
Children are always beating and beating on toys. At this time, you must choose good quality toys for them. Don’t break up before playing a few times, so they will also get injured.

Therefore, parents and friends, it is necessary to prepare some quality toys for their children, so that the children will have no worries during the process of playing with toys.

Parents’ companionship is equally important. When playing with toys, don’t just give your children a toy and let them play there by themselves. At this time, parents must interact with them so that they can play with toys. Learning more knowledge can also enhance parent-child interactions and allow children to grow up healthily.

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