Overtake Europe! Brazil’s online mother and baby market is huge

With the rapid development of e-commerce, more and more countries and regions are involved in it, and Brazil is also a market that is currently valued by many cross-border e-commerce platforms, becoming and becoming a target market for e-commerce platforms to focus on.

Due to the large population in Brazil and the relatively stable birth rate, a large number of newborns are born every year, which also brings a huge potential mother and baby market. It is understood that in the past year, online mothers in Brazil have The market size of baby toys has reached 692 million US dollars! The main consumer groups have almost surpassed the major European markets.

In fact, in addition to maternal and infant toys, categories related to maternal and infant have great market potential in this region, including maternal and infant products, maternal and infant shoes and clothing, and infant toys.

Among them, maternal and infant products include baby pacifiers, baby pillows, baby bottles, sleeping bags, baby feeding tableware sets, water cups, mummy bags, table corner anti-collision products and toilet training equipment products, etc. Relevant sellers should pay special attention to The applicable objects of such products are infants and young children, so product quality and safety are the focus of consumers.

Followed by infant clothing, including cloth diapers, infant suits, parent-child wear, socks, sun hats, big children’s jackets, trousers, etc.; footwear products include casual shoes, sports shoes, and slippers, etc., consumers buy clothing products, comfort and aesthetics are the most important.

For toy products, the market is more inclined to traditional toys, and consumers are mostly buying toys for infants and young children, including baby bed toys, teeth grinding toys, rattle toys, puzzles, building blocks, remote control cars, water guns, children’s scooters, etc.

In addition, educational toys, including painting, vocal, and scientific toy products, are also increasingly popular in the Brazilian consumer market.

Of course, the popular IP toy figures in recent years are also very popular in the local market, and related elements such as keychains, hats, etc. also have a large consumer market.

For such products, the consumer groups are mainly concentrated in 18 to 44 years old, and more than 70% of them are middle- and high-income groups. Therefore, the quality and safety performance of such products are the factors that the main consumer groups should consider when purchasing.

For online shopping consumption, in addition to the product itself, consumers are more concerned about the timeliness of logistics and transportation, which also has an important impact on consumers’ online shopping. Therefore, the editor reminds relevant sellers to do a good job in product design and ensure product quality. At the same time, also Do a good job in the timeliness of logistics and transportation, provide consumers with a good shopping experience, and improve the store’s praise and repurchase rate.

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