How to choose kindergarten children’s tables and chairs?

It is very important to buy a good set of children’s tables and chairs for children, so how to choose?

1. Ensure safety: For desks used by children, safety must be the top priority. It is best to choose a desk with smooth and smooth lines. When purchasing, you can shake the desk vigorously to see if its structure is stable. If it feels loose and swaying, then you must not choose it to avoid potential safety hazards in the later stage.

table and chair

2. Appropriate: Appropriate refers to the matching of desks. It depends on whether the style matches the overall decoration of the home or school. The color issue is also an important point. A dark desk can ensure that children are calm and calm when studying, while Brightly colored and shaped desks can play a very good role in developing children’s intelligence and stimulating creativity.

3. Backrest: When adults choose chairs, they like to choose soft and comfortable soft-backed chairs, while children’s tables and chairs are the opposite. Because the child’s bones are growing, if the soft pack is too soft and the dynamic effect is too great, it is easy to make the upper end of the spine lean back, which cannot achieve the purpose of correcting sitting posture or cultivating habits. The long-term impact on the development of children is not good, and it is easy to cause spinal deformities.

4. Desktop: The friction between the chair that is too smooth and the children is too small so that the table and chair are not slippery, the children are more active, the sitting posture is irregular, and the stability is lacking, which is easy to cause skeletal development problems such as hunchback, high and low shoulders, etc. Unfavorable development.

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