Why can small building blocks become one of the essential toys for children?

What are building blocks

Building blocks are a kind of children’s toy. It is made of wood or plastic into small pieces of various shapes, and then painted with different colors or patterns on one side, and these small pieces of wood are piled up to form different shapes and objects. It relies on children to use their brains, can spell and insert infinitely changing shapes, and at the same time have the nature of metaphor and play, so that children can’t put it down.

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Toys are children’s best companions

Children’s nature is to love learning, but if the choice of toys is not appropriate, it will reduce children’s interest in learning.
If toys are too simple, they cannot meet the needs of children’s progress, and children themselves will feel boring and boring.
But if the toy is too complicated and exceeds the child’s comprehension ability, the child will not play.
For example, an intellectual toy with a chain lock that an adult may not be able to unlock, how can I expect children under 6 to play?
If this kind of toy is given to children to play with, it will only frustrate children’s interest in learning and frustrate children’s patience in thinking about problems.
Once a child develops the habit of avoiding difficulties, it will take more time to adjust later.
In addition, if you always change to new toys, it is easy to cultivate children’s non-specific habits.
The cultivation of children’s interest in learning is not done by teachers in elementary and middle schools, because the cultivation of children’s character is completed before the age of 6, which is why early education is emphasized.
A good kindergarten teacher is the most important enlightenment teacher for your child. If the early education is done well and the child will study in school in the future, you don’t need to spend more energy to manage your child’s reading ability.

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Building Blocks & Wonders

Help children develop logic and hands-on skills
A large number of experts and scholars have discovered this after a large number of observations. Building blocks are the best toys to help children develop logical thinking and enhance their hands-on ability. The more difficult building blocks are also toys that help children develop work and study patience.
The advantage of    building blocks is that they look simple. Generally speaking, most building blocks consist of only a few simple elements, which are generally easy for children to understand.
But it is playful, and it can be repeated continuously. Therefore, children can continuously repeat work or hands-on, and they can build large toy models, which is easy to give children a sense of accomplishment. Many jobs of adults are constantly repeating some simple actions or ways of thinking, and then creating complex and changeable labor results.

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Parent-child & meaning

Education and play enhance the parent-child relationship
Building blocks are good toys for developing a baby’s intelligence.
The building blocks mentioned here not only refer to blocks that can be built high, but also include various toys that can be assembled and arranged.
Building blocks can increase children’s spatial intelligence, enrich children’s imagination, promote the development of children’s creative thinking, etc., but not all children can play well with building blocks.
Parents can guide their children and give them appropriate help, which improves the participation of parents and children in the game. This is what parents are most interested in.

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