Toys suitable for children’s growing

Modern parents must have such experience. Among the many children’s toys, many things are not surprising in the eyes of parents, but they are deeply loved by children, while adults consider toys that are interesting and enlightening, Children tend to dismiss it, or just play a new one and just put it on the shelf.

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Toys are not tools to please children. With education as the focus, toys are still props for children to understand the environment during their development.

New parents are busy breastfeeding, changing diapers, washing, and petting their babies. What kind of suitable environment should be provided to the children so that the environment they are exposed to is not limited to the traditional crib?

The period from birth to 3 years old is a very important stage in a child’s life because the world in the eyes of young children shows their meaning in front of them.

Choosing toys for children of this age should focus on attracting their hearing, sight, and touch, and stimulating these sensory responses.

The eyes of newborns can only see the shadows of the surrounding things at first, not the shapes. As their eyesight improves, they may wish to hang a plastic red ball on the crib and tie it with a bow to make it easy for them to see.

The reason for choosing red is that babies’ eyesight has not yet developed to be able to recognize colors, and red can better capture their vision. Light colors such as pink are like dull colors, or even colorless to them. This is one of the ways to use color to stimulate the visual development of young children. In addition, the mother is wearing bright clothes, and the sheets and quilts on the crib are brightly colored.

When children are 2 months to 3 months old, they already know how to appreciate moving objects. At this time, you might as well hang small animals of various colors that will rotate with the music box on the small bed.

Babies from 3 months to 4 months old start to like to play with their little hands and feet. Therefore, at this stage, we might as well give them a kind of sports equipment to play in the cot to train their grasping ability and stimulate their sense of touch.

They will enjoy the fun of pulling colorful rings and listening to music boxes with their hands. When children can sit, they like boxes that can be opened and closed. At this time, they might as well give them soft toys such as plastic boxes that suit their little hands and let them play with them.

In addition, babies no matter how old like to look in the mirror, find their image in the mirror. The rotating glass ball in the transparent tube will also bring a lot of fun to children who are just beginning to learn to “grab”.

For babies from 10 months to 12 months old, you can train them to coordinate eye and hand movements. At this time, you might as well give them a jigsaw puzzle or building blocks.

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After one year old, children begin to walk staggeringly, and their interest and curiosity in the surroundings gradually increase. Might as well prepare a set of tables and chairs, or a blanket, a wooden frame, or even a box for the toddler of this age to store the little guy’s things.

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A large magnifying glass allows a child to realize that his world can be greatly changed-even a small frog may look huge by looking through the magnifying glass.

As a result of new experiences, children’s curiosity is also increasing day by day. Parents should also choose toys with different textures, different smells, different sounds, and tastes for their children promptly.

The three-year-old child has a keen understanding of the surrounding things, and at this time may wish to continue to let him play more complicated puzzles, inserts, etc.

All in all, when parents choose toys for their children, they should recognize that toys are not just for children to “play”. They should play a more active role in the process of children’s development-stimulating children’s creativity and inspiring children’s intelligence.

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