Control children‘s love for toys, and don’t put doting in the trivial things of daily life

Many parents complained that after spending a lot of money to buy toys for their children, the children got tired of playing with them within a few days and threw them aside. Today’s children don’t know how to cherish it. Half of the responsibility for this problem lies with the parents.

They ignore the truth that “expensive toys are not necessarily fun”. The second consideration when choosing toys is “playability.” Children have fun in “playing” and increase their knowledge in “playing”. It can be said that “playing”-the hands-on manipulation of toys, is the main content of a child’s life.

In some toy stores, some of the expensive toys can be said to be just “decorative toys”, such as various large animals made of plush or high-elastic cotton, older or 20 or 30 years old People who use it to decorate their room can add a lot of fun, but for children, their “playability” is not strong.

There are also some expensive large-scale electric toys. Although they are realistic in shape and seem “fun” the toys are fully automatic only by pressing a button or a switch. This kind of toy deprives children of the active operation and active participation of the toy. , The child became a passive bystander.


Among them, the “fun of playing” is far inferior to those toys that can be disassembled, assembled, and changed.

This is the main reason why “Transformers” is so popular among children. Toys that are “targeted” and “playable” are not necessarily available only in toy stores. Sometimes, you can have a good toy without spending money.

Some people have found in experiments: Some seemingly worthless things are often more effective in inspiring children’s imagination and thinking than ready-made toys.

A bamboo pole is sandwiched between the legs and becomes a child’s “pony”. At the same time, it can act as an “old man’s walking stick”; an old bottle cap is a “bowl” when playing “dollhouse” and opens a “hospital”. She has become the “auscultation probe” of the “doctor” again… It seems that you can have a good toy without spending money.

In particular, parents and children use waste materials to make toys together. This is not only to provide a new toy for the child, but the creative spirit shown in this kind of activity will also affect the life of the child.

I have had the childhood experience of using “toothpaste cover” as a “red light”, and the fun of it is still fresh in my memory. In addition to toys purchased in stores or made by ourselves, there is an inexhaustible toy in children’s lives nature, children’s most precious and ideal toy.

The water, sand, soil, flowers, wood, wind, rain, and sunshine in nature… all contain mysteries. Don’t be afraid that children will soil their immature hands and wet their beautiful clothes. Let them run and play in nature. Let them feel the flow of water and the bonding of the soil with their own hands, and watch the growth of flowers and the sun with their own eyes. Rise and fall.

Then, the vibrant nature will belong to every child who is willing to explore. With toys, adults can also play with young children and teach children to use substitute toys in “playing”.

Let the children understand that all the items in the home, such as stones, sand, wood chips, branches, and leaves outside the house, can be regarded as toys. Let the children choose suitable toys by themselves and imagine how to use substitutes for games.

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