How to clean baby toys at home?

Toys are the things your baby touches the most. Reduce the risk of infection by properly cleaning every surface of your toy.
So how do you clean baby toys at home to reduce the risk of germs?

Cloth toy
Toys made of cloth, such as dolls, pillows, and other items. Your baby’s clothes should be washed and dried at least once a week. This ensures that items near your baby are always clean and safe.

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Plastic toys
Plastic toys This includes toys in the bathroom. They are easy to clean compared to other toys. These toys should be cleaned and disinfected at least weekly. If your child picks up these toys every day to play. An easy way to deep clean plastic toys without chemicals is by mixing water and vinegar. Soak plastic toys in vinegar-mixed water for about 15 minutes to wash away dirt and bacteria. Then wash it again, hang it to dry, and let your baby play with that favorite toy.

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Wooden toy
These toys can be cleaned with mild dishwashing detergent or soap. Kill germs by washing and cleaning with hot water. It should then be wiped dry immediately. To prevent moisture build-up in the wood which is where the fungus originates then leave it to dry in the sun or a windy area. And for a deeper cleaning Clean the toys with vinegar from time to time. Or take half a lemon and rub it on the surface of the toy. Eliminates microbes bacteria and fungi that can build up in wood.

Child safety equipment
Besides toys, kids have outdoor activities. Whether cycling, skateboarding, or sports require protective equipment such as helmets, gloves, and knee and elbow pads, this equipment can be a source of dust, sweat, and other grime. This can irritate your baby’s delicate skin, so the device should be cleaned regularly.

For helmets Stains can be easily removed with soap or dish soap, then washed in the sun to dry. Gloves, knee pads, and elbow pads should be washed after each use to remove perspiration.

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