How to exercise children’s concentration? Teach them to storage toys

According to scientific research, the strength of attention may affect many abilities of children, such as memory, logical thinking ability, physical coordination ability, etc. In short, the worse the child’s attention, the lower the intelligence, so what is it? Causes the child’s concentration to be poor? Generally speaking, the main reason why children’s attention is poor is the lack of guidance and lack of training when they were young. Therefore, if parents want to make up for the indulgence before and improve their children’s attention, they need to focus on training now. It can be divided into two steps:

1. Learn to storage toys

In life, most parents who have brought their children will encounter this phenomenon. After the children have played with the toys, they will leave the toys aside. When the parents say that they are children, the children will be able to clean up. , And very reluctant, there is no autonomy to speak of, in fact, this is the performance of inattention, parents should use this as a breakthrough to cultivate children’s attention.

First of all, when the child is playing with toys, parents need to sit and wait quietly, and always pay attention to the child’s movements. Secondly, when the child decides not to play, the parents should guide the child to put the toys back in place one by one. If the child is unwilling, parents should tidy up the toys together with the child, and in the process of cleaning, parents should teach the child to classify toys and put different types of toys in different places. This will not only cultivate the child’s integrity Reason and can also improve children’s concentration. In the long run, the child’s attention will be greatly improved with each training.


Of course, to achieve the above is just a subject. Parents need to look for things that interfere with their children’s attention during this period, such as: check if there are common electronic appliances such as TVs and mobile phones in the room. If there are, take them directly. Go, don’t put it in the room, because many children are more interested in these things than in toys.

2,.Teach children to tear the paper

Children’s “destructive power” is very strong, especially for boys. At home, many parents often choose to beat and scold their children because their children damage toys or tear up books. This is the last resort, and it can be understood. , But this is not the best choice, why do you say that?

The primary reason is that damaging toys and tearing up books are not children’s subjective consciousness. When parents choose to beat and scold their children, they often only play a role in their behavior and cannot change their children’s thoughts. If they want to change their children’s minds, It is often necessary to “indulge” children, how to do it? First of all, parents need to prepare some waste paper, and secondly, lead the children to tear the paper together. Of course, this kind of tearing of paper is not to tear the paper randomly, but to tear the paper finely and finely. The purpose of this is to train the children. Concentration.

Finally, remind parents that they must be patient in the process of cultivating children’s attention.

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