How to help children increase their awareness of storing toys?

        For many mothers, the most annoying thing is that they have worked so hard to clean their homes in an orderly manner. But this order can only be maintained for one second. As soon as the child appears, the room will immediately become very messy. Toys were scattered everywhere, tables, chairs, and benches all fell to the ground, and many books were torn.

However, some parents feel that this is a trivial matter. The children make trouble in the front and the parents clean up in the back. After all, children are still young, so they generally do not make demands on children and let them organize themselves. This makes it easy for children to develop bad habits and don’t know how to accept them.

Especially for children nowadays, growing up in a relatively arrogant environment, many things grandparents or parents will help the children to do, feel that these things children do not need to learn. When a child grows up, he must enter school or society. These things he must do.

01 Why don’t children love storage?

Reason 1: Parents are too arrogant

For many parents nowadays, they feel that their children are the treasures in their palms and they are not allowed to do anything. The child lives at home like a little princess. Every day, he will stretch out his hands for food and open his mouth. It will not cultivate the children’s hands-on ability, let alone let them take the initiative to store their things.
It is precisely because of this that many children do not like to clean up since they were young, and they have no sense of responsibility and feel that these things are not what they should do. Even if you enter school in the future, there is no practical ability, but the parents feel that these are trivial matters and will only harm the children over time.

toy storage organizer

Reason two: parents did not act as role models

For many parents nowadays, they have to go to work every day, so it is very tiring to come home after work every day, and they don’t want to clean up the housework at all.
No matter how messy the house is, I collapse on the sofa when I get home, or go to bed after eating and taking a shower.
Growing up in such an environment, children naturally have no sense of acceptance. They think it is normal for toys to be scattered on the ground, and they don’t have to worry about it at all.
In their world, all kinds of things are chaotic, and it is precise because their family members have not set them a good example, so children will develop bad habits.

The third reason is not interested in the admission

Many children like to watch cartoons or play games with their mobile phones. In their opinion, such things are very interesting, so they are unwilling to spend their time organizing things. And in their world, these things should be on the ground, and it’s easier to find them by yourself.
Maybe they are still interested in the beginning, and after a long time they will find this matter boring, and the three-minute heat can’t hold on at all. I insisted on tidying up today, and I started to relax again tomorrow. No pattern has been formed, so I can’t stick to it.

02 How to help children develop a good habit of storage

The first step is to reduce the number of toys at home

Children nowadays have a lot of toys in their homes, but they don’t want to play after a few days of playing. Many toys are piled together, and the home is very messy.
Therefore, parents must fundamentally control the number of children’s toys and don’t blindly satisfy their children’s requirements to buy toys for them every time they go to the supermarket. Let the child put the toys he often plays with on the shelf.
Keep the toys you don’t play with and put them in the house so that you can avoid all the toys scattered in the house, which looks very messy. Parents can buy more boxes for their children and let them storing toys themselves.

The second step is to teach children the way of storage

Storage has always been a very good habit for children. They must not only store their toys but also learn how to clean and organize things at home.
Therefore, parents should teach them certain tips, such as what to store first when storing, and then in what order to store them so that the children’s psychology will naturally have a certain order.
Sometimes children don’t want to tidy up when they see the chaos in the house, but if parents tell them a certain way and let them do it bit by bit, it may take less than 10 minutes to tidy up everything. After organizing, the children will feel very satisfied, which is also a good thing for them.

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The third step is to delimit the area of ​​the home

It is best to delineate the area of ​​the home, where to eat, where to study, and where to play.
Only in this way can children know where to do what to do, instead of lying in bed to eat, or doing homework at the table, which is a bad habit for children.
After a long time, children will naturally know where to put things after eating and put the toys away every time after playing with them. In this way, the child can develop a good habit without having to spend time exclusively on storage. Because many things can be done at hand, which can save a lot of time.
The way of storage is different for every child. Parents should respect the way the child is, and at the same time guide them appropriately so that they can develop such a good habit.
Whether in the future study or work process, you must learn to accept, only in this way can you have more careful thinking and do everything in a more organized way.

Although today’s children are more arrogant, parents should let them learn something to do, which is good for children. Maybe now parents blindly emphasize their children’s learning and ignore their children’s hands-on ability. This is a very big mistake.

Since children are required to be perfect, they must be done very well in all aspects. Don’t let the child become a machine that only learns, not even the basic storage. These are the most basic abilities of many children, and they can avoid a lot of trouble.

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