What are the indoor and outdoor playground projects?

       Today’s children’s playgrounds are generally divided into indoor and outdoor types. In today’s era, outdoor playgrounds are generally dominated by non-powered projects.

Indoors are generally a comprehensive amusement project integrating children’s fun, aerobics, and sports. Compared with traditional special amusement equipment, unpowered amusement projects have obvious advantages and relatively low-risk factors.
At the same time, many investors also value this market. Indoor and outdoor children’s theme parks have strong development potential in the field of cultural tourism…

Let’s take a look at what are the more classic and fashionable indoor and outdoor amusement projects?

1. Ocean Ball

The ocean ball is standard in indoor children’s playgrounds. It can be used with amusement equipment such as slides, devil slides, Zhiyong Daqingguan, Rainbow Nets, and so on.
The color of the ocean ball can be selected according to the overall style of the indoor children’s playground.
For the safety of children, the ocean ball uses the safe and environmentally friendly CHS-350mmPP
The material is blow-molded, and the sphere size is 80mm, which can effectively prevent children from swallowing.

Ocean ball

2. Trampoline

Trampoline is also quite a classic outdoor play experience. Trampoline development has now had more different choices. Compared with indoor trampoline gyms, outdoor trampolines provide children with a unique experience and way of perception.
For example outdoor ground trampoline, cloud jumping, sand nest trampoline, etc. The trampoline itself has a certain fitness effect, and it is also very entertaining and interactive.
The new mini ground trampoline is very suitable for children.

3. Children’s interactive projection

Children’s interactive projection technology explores an ocean of knowledge with an interactive experience.
In a way of showing through entertaining, vivid image and parent-child interaction, it leads children to explore, recognize and love this beautiful world, and learn scientific knowledge in a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere, where children can give full play to their creativity. Interactive projection not only has a variety of play methods but also has a variety of content on the slide. Not only that, but children can also interact with the projection when they slide on the slide.

4. Large combined slide

The combined slide is used as standard equipment in outdoor children’s amusement parks. Large slides generally have multi-functional play methods. They combine climbing, drilling, and challenging stainless steel slides. Children need to mobilize various parts of the body to coordinate operations and need hands, feet, eyes, and body. Full cooperation. The slide structure is safe and durable, with ingenious design and harmonious colors. The clever combination of various plastic parts can provide children with safety, happiness, and vitality. Integrating fitness and entertainment, various styles are carefully designed according to the children’s hobbies.


The above are the most representative indoor and outdoor children’s playground projects, which are deeply loved by playing children.

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