Is the baby fence worth it?

For many parents, caring for a child can be a daunting task. Children who have just learned to crawl have a strong desire to explore and are full of curiosity about the world. If parents are unable to provide real-time care, accidents are prone to occur.

The “golden combination” of crawling mat and playpen can create a relatively independent and safe space for the baby, isolate the baby from potential “dangerous objects” at home, and play a protective role. Here are some suggestions for buying a baby fence.

1. Look at the material

At present, children’s playpens on the market are divided into four types according to materials, including wood, plastic, fabric, and PU leather, mainly plastic. No matter what the material is, choose products that are certified with safe ingredients to prevent your baby from chewing on toxic ingredients.


2. Look at the details of the workmanship

Check whether the surface is smooth without burrs, whether there is a peculiar smell, and whether there are protective measures on the exposed screw. If there are obvious quality problems such as burrs and bending, it must not be used by children.

3. Look at the height of the side panel

According to the European Union and the United States Children’s Product Certificate, the height of the baby fence should be greater than 60cm. Many fences on the market cannot do this, and the lowest point is often lower than 60cm, which is potentially dangerous.

4. Feel the texture of the fence

Some fences are very hard to touch and can easily hit children, while others are too soft. After being hit by children, they bend and collapse, causing danger. It should choose a fence that is moderately soft and hard, not easy to be overturned and has a certain anti-collision protection function.

foldable playpen

5. Look at the reinforcement method

The upper and lower pins can be stabilized without using a splint and can be spelled out in many shapes. Some are fixed with nuts and can be folded for easy storage.

6. Look at the anti-skid method

The fence with good slip resistance mustn’t be pushed over by the baby or slide freely. Commonly used for anti-slip components at the bottom of the fence are “suction cups” and “silicone pads”. The sucker-type fence has a large grip, but the anti-skid ability on the floor mat is poor; the silicone mat-type fence is more suitable for placing on the floor mat. Of course, the integrated crawling mat and the fence are the best.

7. Look at the holes

Small gaps and chuckholes are common structural defects in children’s playpens, which may cause irreversible damage to the baby. Therefore, a careful investigation should be carried out before use. The fewer holes and footholds the better.

8. Look at the screws

The less, the better. If you buy a fence with many screws, you can tighten the screws as far as possible, so that the screw head is fully recessed into the hole, and then seal it with a protective sticker. This can effectively prevent the baby from bumping.

9. Look at the ease of cleaning

There are many grooves and small holes on the fence piece, the embedded toys cannot be disassembled, and the arrangement is dense, which it easy to hide dirt.

Here are some suggestions for buying a playpen.

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