Play with baby like this to promote babies brain development, and the more they play, the smarter they become

After the baby is born, mom and dad will not only raise the baby but also train him to become an adult, so that the baby can develop healthily in terms of body and ability. This requires mom and dad to start little by little training and training since they were with baby like this.

Let’s take a look at the development of a baby of 2 to 3 months. The baby’s entire body has gained weight and already has the shape of a baby. Babies will make special sounds and smile like flowers when they see familiar people. When I am happy, I stretch out my hands to touch things. At this time, the baby feels very satisfied. When he is excited, the baby will “dance” and looks like a very reactive and individual character.

Toys and games play a decisive role in the development and training of the baby’s abilities. Mom and Dad must spare time to play interactive games with the baby and expand the baby’s abilities in play. So, how do babies play with babies from 2 to 3 months old? Mom and Dad can play interactive games with their babies from the following methods.

By the time the baby is nearly 3 months old, the baby’s color vision has been greatly developed. At this stage, the baby’s vision is in the black and white period, and what he sees is black and white. If parents can grasp the characteristics of this period and give appropriate color stimulation, they can promote the baby’s visual development and further stimulate brain development.

During this period, the baby sees black and white. You should show your baby more black items. Of course, to pave the way for your baby’s future visual development, you should also show your baby some red, yellow, and blue items. , To stimulate vision.

Hang some brightly colored objects about 60 cm away from your baby’s eyes, and pay attention to adjusting the position regularly to train your baby’s ability to focus on a certain object.

The mother can also play like this, holding a black and white card, moving slowly at a distance of about 60 cm from the baby’s eyes, and training the baby to look at the object and move it with the movement of the object.

Babies aged 2 to 3 months have further enhanced hearing and have a keen interest in music. Mom and Dad can play some joyful light music to the baby every day when the baby is in good mood. Doing so can increase the baby’s joy, increase the baby’s brain activity, and promote the baby’s intellectual development.

Specifically, parents can use music boxes, especially visually appealing music boxes. At the same time, they can also use musical toys, such as toys that integrate vision, hearing, and exercise. This kind of toy is better.

But parents need to pay attention to that because the baby is very young and has a poor ability to discern sounds of different decibels, so when playing this music to the baby, you should always pay attention to the baby’s reaction to the music. Don’t play complicated or changing music to your baby, don’t be too close to your baby, and don’t be too loud, so as not to stimulate your baby and cause shock.

Parents can choose different melodies, speed, loudness, tunes, or music played by different instruments, the sound of the sounding toy, or change the tone of speaking to the baby to train the baby to distinguish various sounds.

When parents play such games with their babies, they must be careful not to make the sound too loud, so as not to frighten the babies. When the baby is playing, parents will ring the bell or make other sounds on the baby’s left, right, top, bottom, front and back, so that the baby can identify where the sound is coming from.

When parents and babies play this game, babies with well-developed hearing can turn their heads to the direction of the sound source; babies who are not well-developed can correctly identify the sound source after repeated training. When playing this game, pay attention to the sound moving from near to far, day by day.

Glove games help promote the baby’s visual and tactile development. Parents can use boiled and sterilized rubber gloves to dry them. Fill each finger and palm with foam or cotton. Hang the stuffed gloves where the baby can see. Parents help the baby’s hands to go. Touch the suspended gloves.parents

Babies like hands very much. Parents’ hands can meet all kinds of needs of babies. With parents’ hands, babies will try their best to touch rubber gloves and get close to them, but babies can’t touch them smoothly. At this time, the mother can touch the baby’s palm with any finger of the glove, so that he can hold one of the fingers tightly.

At the same time, mothers can also play like this, wash the cotton gloves, plug the drum with foam, and replace the rubber gloves, so that the baby can hold the gloves woven with cotton so that the baby can feel the rough cotton and the smooth rubber completely. Different feel.

When parents are teasing the baby, the baby will be very happy and laugh happily. When he sees his mother, the baby will have a sweet smile on his face, and his mouth will continue to make “babble” sounds. Parents interact with the baby more language so that the baby can feel a variety of voices and intonations to promote the baby’s ability to perceive language.

Mom and dad can do this. When the baby feels lonely and uneasy and crying, mom and dad have to go to the bed and talk and laugh with the baby. At this time, the baby will be infected by the emotions of the parents, kicking, stretching, raising hands, laughing while “talking” with parents. At this time, parents should respond enthusiastically, interact with the baby, and stimulate the baby’s joyful emotions. . Through such games, you can promote your baby’s language ability development.

In addition to playing the above games with the baby, mom and dad must also ensure that the baby spends time outdoors. In good weather, they can spend 30 minutes outdoors. Parents should insist on doing aerobics for the baby. In this way, it is good for the baby’s physical and mental health. As long as parents often play these games with their babies and grow fast and smart, the more they play, the smarter they become.

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