How to exercise the baby’s balance

The baby has gone through a long learning period from turning over, crawling to walking, especially when the baby stands up and walks, it is necessary to test her balance ability, so how can the mother exercise the baby’s balance ability?

Children with poor balance ability generally have the following performance:

1. Like to play with rotating stools or game facilities, and will not be dizzy.

2. Like to spin or run in circles without getting dizzy or tired.

3. Afraid of walking the balance beam.

4. Even though I saw it, I still bumped into the table, chair, other people, or the door wall.

5. The hands are not well coordinated when acting, eating, drumming, and painting.

6. Can’t distinguish left and right directions, shoes, and clothes are often worn backward.

7. Unclear language, inaccurate pronunciation, slow development of language ability.

8. More active, difficult to read, dictate and copy.

9. Inattention in class and love to do small movements.

How to let the baby exercise balance in the game?

1. Make a rocking chair with your baby

The mother sits on the mat, bends her knees, lets the baby sit across the abdomen, and rests her back on her mother’s thigh. At the same time, the mother holds the baby’s armpits and leans back, and then sits up. Repeatedly. When playing this game with the baby, the mother’s movements must be small and slow. At the same time, pay attention to supporting the baby’s neck with her hands.

2. Play telescopic and other toys with your baby

The baby’s movement development is carried out under the control of the brain and nerve center, nerves, and muscles. When the baby’s movement ability, such as the improvement of balance and coordination ability, can, in turn, promote the development of the brain. Therefore, mothers can play with more telescopic toys, stringing toys, building blocks, etc. with the baby. These toys can help exercise the baby’s small muscle movements and finger flexibility, thereby promoting brain development and improving balance ability.

baby balance

3. See who is a tumbler

The mother sits on the mat with her legs apart, her feet facing each other, and her hands hold the ankles of her feet. The baby sits in the middle of her mother’s legs with her arms on both sides of her mother’s legs. Mothers can sing nursery rhymes while shaking their bodies, and at the same time drive the baby to follow her mother’s body movements. When the mother shakes her body, she should use her arms to hold the baby in her arms to ensure her safety. This kind of tumbler game is also very beneficial to improve the baby’s balance.

Precautions for parents to exercise their children’s balance

1. The area dominates the body during exercise, from large to small, and the body’s center of gravity from low to high.

2. The body’s center of gravity is from low to high. Walk on the flat ground first, then walk on the gymnastics bench or even higher benches.

3. From self-maintaining balance to re-maintaining balance after breaking the balance.

4. From static balance to dynamic balance. At first, it is required to maintain balance in a quiet state, and then it is required to maintain balance in action.

5. Keep your balance under attention to balance under carelessness.

6. From maintaining balance under visual monitoring to maintaining balance when eyes are closed.

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