What are the baby preschool toys? How to choose early childhood preschool toys for infants and young children?

Preschool toys are owned by every baby and can be regarded as a baby’s companion when they are young. But babies belong to a special group, so be careful when choosing toys. If you don’t know how to choose toys, you can take a look at the following early childhood education toys for infants and toddlers.

Babies of the first and third months can already start to try the effects of touch, hearing, sight, or taste. Feel with your hands, feel how your hands feel, look at the various colors of the toy with your eyes, taste the taste of the toy with your mouth, and the sound of shaking the “ring” can train your baby’s hearing. The simplest toys of this kind are the first step in developing a baby’s intelligence.

Second, you can choose some large colored circles, bracelets, anklets, soft cloth balls and wooden blocks, plastic toys that can be hit, grasped, and sounded, and colorful picture cards are available to allow the baby to do any activities. There are benefits to developing body movements.

Third, he will grab the toy in front of him on the table at this time, but it is not accurate yet. Can prepare him some toys of various textures, colors, and easy to grasp: such as rattles, table tennis, walnuts, metal small round boxes, tumblers, small cube blocks, small spoons, blow-molded or rubber animals, pompoms Or yarn balls and so on.

preschool toys

Fourth, the baby needs warm motherly love and a sense of security. You can choose some soft, simple, and bulky plush toys and put them on the baby’s hand or the bed.

Fifth or 6 months ago, the baby’s sight will follow the movement of the mirror. Prepare a mirror for him. When the baby sees himself in the mirror, he thinks he is a “little buddy”, and his reaction to this little buddy’s affection is The above is the embodiment of the trust and security of others and the surrounding environment. These are part of the social content, which is good for cultivating the baby’s social affinity and enriching the baby’s visual experience.

Sixth, when the baby shows interest in the surrounding environment, choose some toys with bright colors, rich patterns, easy to grasp, and capable of making different sounds, such as rattles, small alarm clocks, music boxes, plastic toys that can be pinched, colors Bright little socks and small silk scarves, etc.

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