What sports abilities should for baby exercise?After the baby is 3 months old.

       When the baby is 3 months old, if we want to help the baby’s big sports development, we can start with the following 3 steps for baby exercises:

1. Continue to do head-up exercises

When the baby is lying on his stomach, he can use sounds and toys to entice him to raise his head high, learn to support his upper body with his arms, and put toys in different positions beside him to attract him to turn his head and look for it.
In this way, he can quickly go from raising his head at 45° to steadily raising his head at 90°, which means that his head is perpendicular to the bed surface. If you continue to guide, the baby can also prop up the shoulders and chest, so that the shoulders and chest will also leave the bed.
When the baby is lying on his back, you can hold the baby’s hands or hold the shoulders, pull up and sit up, and say to him, “Sit up”. After sitting up, let the baby’s head stand up for a while, and then lie down slowly Go back, so you can exercise the strength of the baby’s neck extensor muscles.
Repeated practice with raising your head on your stomach will greatly improve your baby’s ability to raise your head.


2. Start to guide turning over and do turning exercises

A 3-month baby may want to turn over when lying down. At this time, you can use toys to guide your baby to turn over actively.
For example, when the baby is lying down, you can cross the baby’s left leg on the right leg, hold the baby’s left hand with one hand, and gently place the baby’s back with the other hand, so that the baby changes from lying down to Lie on your side, and then continue to use the toy to guide your baby to complete the turn.
If the baby can’t do it by himself, you can put your hands on the baby’s waist and back with a little force to guide the baby from lying on his side to prone to complete the entire turning movement.
Of course, there will be individual differences in the development of each baby. An active baby may turn over on its own in 4 months, while a quieter baby may take 5 or 6 months to turn over on its own. 3 months is just the beginning of training to turn over, it does not mean that the baby will turn over immediately.

3. Encourage your baby to do limb exercises

The 3-month-old baby has more and more physical activities, and his strength is getting stronger. Therefore, in addition to raising the head and turning over, exercises for the limbs are also indispensable.
You can hang colorful and loud toys above the baby’s bed. When the baby is lying down, if his hands and feet touch the toy, it will make a sound, which will make the baby want to explore again and make the toy make a sound again.
The baby’s mini-games not only make him more interested in raising his hands and kicking his legs but also exercise his gaze tracking ability. His eyes will follow the swaying toy.

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