Five ways to choose amusement equipment

         In recent years, the children’s economy has risen strongly, and children’s playgrounds have become an emerging project in the eyes of many investors, and many investors are planning to open a children’s indoor play yard. The selection of amusement equipment in children’s parks is the key to opening a children’s park. A good selection of amusement equipment can better attract tourists and bring more revenue to the park.
Then, how can park operators choose the most suitable children’s amusement equipment? What kind of amusement equipment can better attract customers? Let’s share with you the selection skills of children’s amusement equipment.
1、look at the appearance of the device
Children’s curiosity is more serious. They prefer new and interesting things. If the amusement equipment is relatively ordinary and not creative, it will be difficult to attract their attention. So when choosing a device, try to choose a device with bright colors and that children have never played with.
For example, interactive projection slides, Ma Liang’s painting aquarium, mirror maze, 7D theater, and other new amusement equipment are all good choices. Only if the child likes it, the business of the park will be good.

basketball stand
2、look at the age of children
The games that children of different ages like to play will also be different, and the amusement equipment should be different according to the age of the children. When choosing, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of children of different ages, and the equipment purchased according to these characteristics can meet the children’s play needs.
For example, children aged 1-3 have been able to independently complete basic movements such as sitting, standing, walking, walking, climbing, and drilling. They like to bounce and do various movements constantly.
At the same time, they are more interested in the brighter and brighter colors, especially the contrasting colors, which can attract their attention. Therefore, when selecting equipment, the color matching of the equipment cannot be ignored.
3、look at the area of ​​the venue
The size of the indoor children’s playground area directly affects the configuration of children’s amusement equipment. If the business area is small, you can consider matching some small amusement equipment, such as educational building blocks, manual DIY, etc.
If the business area is large, you can choose some popular amusement equipment by region according to local market conditions.
4、look at interactivity
Many parents take their children to the children’s parent-child paradise, hoping to participate in the children’s world and have more communication with them.
You can choose interactive devices that parents and children can participate in at the same time, such as parent-child baking, children’s simulation driving school, children’s professional experience hall, etc., which can promote the intimacy between parents and children.

foldable playpen
5、look at the quality of equipment
Safety is the foundation of amusement equipment in children’s playgrounds, and whether the quality of the equipment is reliable is a question that parents are most concerned about.

   Choosing high-quality equipment can not only ensure the safety of children’s play but also allow parents to take their children to play with confidence, to maintain the user’s stickiness for a long time.

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