How should children’s playpen be selected? What is a good fence?

               Many mothers will find when taking care of their little babies that when the child learns to crawl, his safety will become the mother’s most worrying issue. If you don’t pay attention, you will encounter dangerous electrical appliances, table corners and other sharp objects, which can cause harm to them. Many mothers choose children’s playpen to solve this problem. In addition to being safe, he also freed his hands. If you can’t take care of your baby in time, you won’t worry about him getting hurt, and you will get some time for yourself. So how should children’s playpen be selected? What kind of fence is considered a good fence? Next, the editor will introduce to you.

First, Look at the design.

Whether the design is reasonable and the safety performance are the first issues we must consider.

The design of the interactive window should be reasonable, so that the baby will not get stuck while interacting.

The height of the fence should be scientific to prevent the baby from turning out of the fence, but it should not block his vision.

dog fence

Second,Look at the material.

Babies are young, with imperfect body functions and weak resistance to the outside world. Their curious nature makes them like to lick and bite the fence. Therefore, it is necessary to choose safe products.

When selecting fences, pay attention to the materials that have passed authoritative inspections and are food-grade safe materials.

classic playpen

Third,Whether the color is single and how is the color matching.

Many people do not understand the effect of color on children and ignore this item. According to research, colorful colors can not only strengthen the child’s cognitive ability and improve memory, but also make the baby’s mentality and mood more positive and optimistic.

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Forth,Check important details.

First check whether there are burrs on the edge of the fence, and the trimming should be smooth and flat.

Secondly, what is the grip of the suction cup at the bottom so that it cannot be easily pushed down.

Then check whether the interface of the fence assembly is easy to loosen, loosening will make the fence easily deformed.

Finally, check the thickness and hardness of the fence. The right thickness will make the quality of the product even better.


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