On Children’s Day, choose gifts for children, and you can’t be arbitrary

       The International Children’s Day of “June 1” is coming soon, and alittle gift for children is that there are quite lot of children. First of all, it’s a minimum of one point for the expansion of children, IQ development, practical skills and aesthetic skills. The gift must be synchronized to catch the baby’s heart; the foremost important thing is that it must be safe.So what aspects should be paid attention to when choosing toys, so as not to step on the thunder and cause the “petted baby” to become “harmful to the baby”? Take a look at the following guide to avoiding pits with toys.


  0-2 years old infant.

  grow fast, change big, toys should also keep pace with the times.

       Just like a novelist born within the 1980s, he played with pinball dolls, yanghua and Transformers. However, in 30 years, children’s toy products have exploded for an extended time. My child is 2 years old. so as to settle on the proper dolls for my children, I trained myself to be proficient in choosing various shopping malls. Because I still need daily practice and sometimes got to check the literature, I cultivated myself and located the know-how of a fresh parent-child dictionary.let me share my knowledge with you.

      At the age of 0-3, you can further study for the neonatal period, infancy and early childhood. During this period of growth, the children’s body is relatively fast and the changes in each stage are also great, so choose toys for different periods , The angles that need to be considered are also different.

       1. Neonatal period: from umbilical cord ligation to 28 days after birth.

       The most recent parents were still curious and puzzled when the baby first appeared. The bag, melamine and panties are conspicuous. additionally , the oldsters and therefore the little angel also demanded to temper things . There are many obstacles to their interaction, and therefore the tacit understanding has not been established. , a lover gave me a hand bell, received six heavenly rings and round color light, and solved alittle problem-when the kid is crying, just beside the heat , the kid are going to be quiet.

       One week, the kid has reached full maturity, but there are some noises. once they knew what they heard, they rotated and even forgot a number of their sounds. With the passage of your time , the target lens can reach 20-30 cm, and their clarity and resolution of the pattern are going to be weakened, and therefore the period of time for attention is about 5-6 seconds whenever.

       2. Infancy: from birth to before one year old.

       The child’s solstice , the weakness and depression of the new parents have gradually been replaced by confidence and dexterity. because the child continues to swell, the minor changes within the child can easily surprise parents. My children had a bedbell in fortnight . At that point , the bunny’s ears are going to be quite half a month’s time to trace the particles that undergo the bed. When a toddler hears carols lying on the bell, he may receive the bell within the bell, and infrequently he will receive the grunting sound.

       In the next of week time, you’ll prepare a toddler fitness frame. this type of doll can pass, grab, kick, and other independent postures, increasing its charm, head, ridge and grabbing bait. , the foremost important thing is to hone the child’s mind.

       In 5 weeks, the kid can stretch out his left , squeeze his head, catch the particles and shake, and bite the doll with a fist in his mouth. they will be prepared to grind their teeth. I met Barbert, a child, that this type of doll must be created with safe objects and commenced to possess cute mouths.

       Often within 6 weeks, the kid can sit down and support the quantity of the garments with their feet. They changed from lying flat to work , watching the planet from a replacement highest point. Dolls like pianos can receive crisp sounds and lovely colors, which may help them re-recognize Yan’s natural environment.

       The reaction caused by the bride’s name to the baby after 7 weeks. He can use vowels to talk to the image of a horse, convey happiness and unhappiness with sound, and immediately imitate the voice of a toddler . Read some early education books and magazines, and encourage children to know and perceive vocabulary and speeches through photos and sound.

       In contrast to straight-line books, pop-up books hate children’s global cognition with their big left , feeling children’s awareness, and therefore the perception and awareness of “hard” and “slip” that make simple experiences. However, students should be ready to wear shoes and youngsters who have learned the north and south, and may grind to a halt with precision. Throwing happily is their love, they never get bored, but regular exercise of finger posture is that the adolescence of this era, so puzzles are very suitable for his or her dolls.

       By 8 months, the children’s activity abilities have greatly increased, and therefore the control abilities given to them by the budding motor skills will reach all aspects of life. Climbing mats and fences can provide a secure place to lie or sit to be protected. Climbing mats should be thicker and versatile enough to stay them cool and moisture-proof, relieve the pain when the kid falls, and protect the knees. When the kid stands firmly, he will hold the fence and walk a couple of steps tentatively, ensuring that the fence doesn’t have sharp edges and burrs. The larger the diameter of the suction cup of the fence, the stronger the adsorption force, the less easy to maneuver , and it’ll not be easily pushed down by the “little demons”.

        3. Early childhood: from 1 year old to 3 years old.

        Children after 1 year old can walk on their own, and because the pace becomes smoother, you’ll take your children to participate in outdoor activities. At this point , giving them the selection of “transportation” becomes particularly important.

Wiggle car

Scooter or Wiggle car: it’s recommended to settle on a three-wheeled car, which may prevent rollover. concentrate to the firmness of the car body.

Balance bike: It can exercise the child’s balance and body response. A lighter frame is best . especially , check the reliability of the locking device to stop injury thanks to the loosening of the locking device. do not forget to organize helmets and protective gear for the knees, elbows and other parts of the kid .


       From the age of three to before entering grade school at the age of 6, this stage is additionally the stage where children gradually build up their self-awareness from ignorance. the small babies begin of the embrace of their parents, begin to adapt and enter the collective life, and therefore the scope of activities has also broken through. Parents’ attention won’t be as tight as before, within the homes that were limited to infants and toddlers. During this era , the foremost important thing for the selection of toys is safety.

       The author is here to share some real cases for everybody , and that i hope you’ll learn from them.

       Not long ago, a hospital admitted a 3-year-old child who accidentally ingested 18 magnetic balls. Because the magnetic balls had been within the body for quite ten days, the child’s intestine and ileocecal area were perforated. The doctor performed the abdomen of the kid . The mirror exploration technique took out all the magnetic balls.

       The magnetic ball is additionally called the buck ball. it’s a sort of strong magnetic entertain a magnetism of up to 4000 Gauss. If children swallow these magnetic balls into their stomachs, they will enter the intestines of “nine bends and eighteen bends” and perform a life thrilling drama of “the magnetic balls undergo the intestines and stay within the painful heart”. Therefore, try to not let children inherit contact with such small, easy-to-eat toys.

        The protagonist of another case may be a 5-year-old child. He thinks the gorgeous ocean baby (a colorful elastic toy that swells after absorbing water) is delicious, so he tasted a couple of directly. then , his stomach hurts and he rolls on the bed and vomits frequently. However, it didn’t begin . it had been diagnosed as mechanical ileus by the hospital, and it had been taken out through exploratory laparotomy.

       In addition to the danger of accidental ingestion by children, these marine baby water-absorbing bombs have certain toxicity because their main ingredients are acrylonitrile and acrylate, and also are harmful to children’s skin and tract .

       Preschoolers don’t yet have complete safety awareness, and are both curious and hyperactive. additionally to the 2 toys mentioned above, coins, rings, button batteries, etc. are common culprits of foreign bodies within the alimentary canal of children. additionally to keeping them faraway from the children’s sight the maximum amount as possible, parents must also pay more attention to the method of taking care of their children. If you mistakenly eat a far off body, you want to seek medical attention in time.


       How to choose toys?

       Keep these rules in mind

  1. Check the toy’s logo and safety warning signs. attempt to choose toys made by regular manufacturers, and check whether the name and address of the manufacturer are indicated on the toys. When buying toys, concentrate to warning information or other safety information, and concentrate to see the toy instructions.
  2. concentrate to the applicable age range of toys. When choosing toys for children under 3 years old, don’t buy toys with small parts which will be swallowed or inhaled, like springs, metal wires, and plastic pen caps, to avoid the danger of suffocation after accidental ingestion. The length of the rope with attachments on the towing toy shall not exceed 220 mm.
  3. Check the standard of the toy. Hard toys should haven’t any sharp corners, burrs, or sharp edges that puncture or scratch children’s skin. Stuffed toys should feel soft, freed from foreign objects and hard objects. The moving parts of the toy shouldn’t pinch children’s fingers; plush Toy accessories (such as eyes) won’t be buckled by the kid .
  4. Identify toys that contain hazardous substances. take care when buying colored toys which will contain chemical ingredients like benzene, lead, cadmium, or heavy metals that are harmful to children. don’t choose toys with strong fragrances or peculiar smells. make certain to urge children after twiddling with toys or before eating. Wash your hands clean.
  5. Be wary of the damage of sound-producing toys to children’s hearing. the quantity of audio toys should be controlled below 70 decibels to stop noise from causing damage to the children’s sensory system .
  6. Avoid choosing toys with sharp objects. Children’s self-control and control are relatively weak, so catapult and sharp toys like darts, slingshots, simulated pistols, and laser guns aren’t suitable for children to play.

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